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Xi’an Canmax International Trading Co., Ltd is a professional agricultural & industrial machine supplier & service provider.We offer one-stop solutions for our customers with minimum cost.  Since established in 2014, we devote ourselves to relocate & transfer Chinese modern technologies,machines, skills to developing countries to promote regional industrialization and agriculture modernization . Our main business scope are:

  • Agricultural machines, facilities,seeds, fertilizers, pesticides;
  • Agricultural technology transferring;
  • Modern agricultural project development;
  • Food deep-processing lines & beverage machines;
  • Packaging machine & lines;
  • Industrial machines, tools and equipments; 

Head office: Room 1303, Tower C,Sailing Times Plaza, Fengwei Industrial Zone,Xi’an,Shaanxi,China.

Contact Person:  Mrs. Cai (G.M Asst)

Tel:  +86 134 2976 1321/ 136 8924 8556


Pakistan branch: Room 909, ISE Tower, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: 0349 7783 703 

Wechat: double5170